Monogamy is the American culture’s default setting. That doesn’t mean it is the only right way to live. For some people, polyamory (loving more than one) is a way of living that allows for a more complete expression of love and community. Poly can take many forms, with a theoretically unlimited number of configurations and styles. Poly relationships are no more or less complicated than traditional relationships between two partners. But the complications often take a different form. It can be complicated to navigate multiple relationships at the same time. I can help you work through those issues. I will see one or more persons at a time. I can work with and provide counseling to the whole polycule (the extended network of relationships), or to a part of it, including issues between paramours (people in the polycule but not having a direct relationship).

Depression, anxiety, and stress are also issues that I help with, but most poly-people find it easier to work with someone who is poly-friendly and poly-informed. For example, it is easier to deal with depression issues when someone doesn’t also feel that they have to defend or explain their lifestyle.

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