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Hi, I'm Clinton. I strive to provide counseling that is affirming, knowledgeable, and supportive to those in the LGBTQ, Poly, and Kink communities. I am a sex-positive therapist who provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those who have often felt persecuted (or at best tolerated) by our culture at large. It can be difficult to seek therapy, but knowing that your sexuality, identity, and lifestyle will be met with enthusiastic support can make the experience seem less intimidating, even if the reason you are seeking counseling has little or nothing to do with your sexuality, identity, or lifestyle. Click on the picture-links below for more information.



Gender Fluid/Non-Binary

Female who looks more like a male | Therapy & Counseling Specialties | Gender Fluid & Non-Binary Relationships | Jacksonville, FL 32207




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Depression & Anxiety



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